About Bells

The proprietor of the Bells University of Technology is the Bells Educational Foundation. It has always desired to make input into university education delivery in Nigeria, having successfully established and run Bells Secondary Schools in Ota for some years. It is the dream of Bells Educational Foundation to establish a unique university where the good foundation given to the products of its secondary school and other secondary schools could be built upon. The opportunity wa made available by the Federal Government, when Act No. 9 of 1993 was promulgated, allowing private individuals or organizations to establish universities in Nigeria, provided they meet certain criteria laid down by the Federal Government. In order to realize its dream, the Bells Educational Foundation, the Proprietor of the university, has acquired a large expanse of land (more than 300 hectares) in Badagry, Lagos State, for the physical development of the University. The Proprietor of the Bells University of Technology set up a planning committee, made up of former vice-chancellors of top Nigerian universities, top academic staff and other seasoned university planners and professionals. The planning committee received briefing from the proprietor on the type of university envisaged and thereafter brought their expertise to bear on the planning process. To ensure uniqueness, the University would offer courses that would:

  • Support relevant and sustainable technology that is transferable and applicable especially in the area of biotechnology
  • Be ICT-driven and at the cutting edge of Science and Technology and
  • Include studies that produce a balanced education


“To be a world – renowned University that is committed to the development and transformation of society through environmental friendly technological and other innovations ”.